Tuesday, 30 April 2013

All Quiet on the Western Front

It's been a quiet few days on the gold making front but I'm looking forward to Children's Week starting today and hopefully I can sell some of those eggs that I've farmed and bought from the auction house.    I had the expensive upgrade to bags to go through on Friday, to my bank went the netherweave bags and I bought and equipped the nice embersilks, 1400g!  Ouch

I've been flipping a few blues here and there but I've been concentrating on levelling the last few days including a good stint on Sunday.  I'm currently half way through 67 and after a couple of dungeons tonight will put behind me the hell hole that is Outland and move to Northrend.  Can't say I'm sad to be leaving Gankland again, I've never really enjoyed it there but this time was particually annoying.  Too many level 90 Alliance scumbags thinking it's great to one shot me (and other players) and the NPC's that we need to hand quests in to.  Couldn't do much about it as they ran rampage in Thrallmar killing everyone and everything.  Must be great being a 400k HP level 90 killing level 58's?  Not a thrill I've ever really enjoyed but I guess whatever you feel challenges you most.  I expect my lovely Horde do the same but when I'm being killed over and over, it's not fun.  In fact, I logged out and went away for an hour.  Yes, you gankers ruined my game for the afternoon thank you.  Think about it, once is kinda fun if you have to, over and over is just pointless and you're annoying someone (me!).

Rant over. 

Banker alt's, Tip of the Day

Best thing for a banker alt?  Someone that can ride a mount, preferably the level 40 one, but 20 isn't too bad.  Best place to be? For the Horde, Valley of Wisdom, why?  Because you can access a postbox, bank, vendor, guild bank and auction house all within a short distance and you don't have to unmount for any of them!   Fantastic.  Not sure if the Alliance have an equivalent but who cares ;)

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